ajayMy name is Ajay Joshi,I am the founder and owner of this blog.

I am an Infopreneur,Internet Marketer and a blogger. I started this blog with an aim to help novices and newbies get started and find a solution to their problems,related to internet marketing.Today it is easy making an earning from home,with a PC or laptop.

Internet Marketing is a great place to make a living,be it a student, a housewife,a freelance professional or a retired person.

Once you master the basic skills,you will find it easy

It is human nature to search for the easiest option.Very few are

willing to set out on a new path.Yes,today most young people have

a smartphone,are well connected and very well informed.However, when it

comes to making a career choice,they will opt for a degree course,which

will land them a corporate or a paying job.Most miss out on this wonderful

opportunity,as they are unwilling to learn and try new things.So if

you have an open mind and learn new skills,Internet Marketing has a

lot to offer.

My Aim is to help

  • guide people of all age group, get started with Internet Marketing

  • help you find the correct resources, both free and paid

  • ultimately help you make money online

This blog is for people who wish to start a career in Internet Marketing,

but don’t know where to start.

This blog aims at guiding novices and those trying to make some serious money


Being at a place where you have no one to guide you or anyone to take advice

from can be challenging.I am sharing my experiences,so you are never at a

loss ,when getting started.

Swimming with the sharks, without being eaten alive is never easy.

Internet Marketing may be compared with the shark, with everyone out to get your moollah.

Therefore getting organised,building up the necessary skills,having the required level

of knowledge,avoiding the traps and mistakes and gearing up for success is essential.

Planning is the key to success and follow a model which works is essential.

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel.

Kept things simple,so anyone may easily follow.

Cheers to your success.

Best Regards


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